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The Tattered Hare

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Carie Schoen is our Guest Artist for October and
we also have another new artist joining today!

Please welcome Carie Schoen of Kelbycarie as our Guest Artist this month. Carie is starting off our October offerings with three great pieces done in her unusual and miniature style. You can see Carie's offerings by clicking on her Guest Artist Banner, or by selecting the link "Guest Artist" in the left-hand navigation column on our web site.

We'd also like to welcome a new artists to the PFATT Marketplace:
Lynn Bird of the Tattered Hare

Lynn offers both Papier Mache' and cloth characters in her art and I'm sure you'll enjoy not only her October offerings, but all her offerings in the coming months. You can see her new offerings in the thumbnails below, the link above, or by clicking "The Tattered Hare" in the navigation in the left-hand column or our web site.

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