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Folk Art Santa on Cow Pull Toy

Miss Mary was thrilled when Santa asked her to take him for a short ride to the farm next door. He has a few things to deliver to the family before he heads out on the big red sled. He has included a couple of little sheep (because he thinks he has plenty), a nice little tree, a stocking full of goodies and a sweet little teddy bear to warm some little body’s heart. You know Santa gets such a thrill bringing Joy to others. It’s the Most Wonderful time of the Year!

This very detailed set is my original one-of-a-kind design, signed and dated by me! Santa is made from painted muslin with stitched and detail painted facial features. His hair, mustache and beard are sewn on sheep’s wool. His suit is made from 100% wool trimmed in vintage quilt pieces. He has vintage buttons sewn down the front of his jacket and vintage tinsel tied around his waist. Santa is about 18” tall.

Miss Mary is a pull toy, mounted on a custom made solid wood platform with moving metal wheels. Miss Mary is approximately 15” long from nose to tail, about 12½” tall including the pull toy base, and the base is 5½” wide make it a perfect width for most mantels. The cow is made from heavy weight cotton which I have painted. She has a removable collar made from brown wool with blanket stitched red trim and some rusty bells. Removable rusty bell garland are used for Santa to hold onto the collar.

Santa’s gifts are 2 little sheep made from batting with painted faces and legs. A small vintage quilt stocking filled with greens and berries is pinned to Santa’s sack. The sack is made from brown wool with quilt trim, rusty bells and vintage look trim that has the words “Merry Christmas” on it

I hope you enjoy the slide show I have included so that you may see much more of this set! Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions! Thank you so much ~ Debbie

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