Bittersweet Pastimes




It’s that time of year when the seasons are about to change! I absolutely love the crisp mornings and beautiful colors surrounding us. I’m ready to get the Fall Decorating started! Perhaps Matilda Migglewitch has gotten me into the spirit!

This gal is ready for autumn and of course her long waited favorite day--October 31! She stands securely on a wood base about 24” tall without her hat and 30” when she’s wearing it. Matilda is my original design and will come to you signed and dated.

I made her a little black cat that wears a candy corn hat and has a ruffled collar. She is also holding a needle punched jack-o-lantern bag filled with brown and black twigs and a couple of festive black leaves.

Matilda is made from painted muslin with detailed facial features including stitching and painting. Her hair is carefully sewn in place sheep’s wool. She is wearing an underskirt made from tulle to keep her dress full. She also wears a shawl of vintage lace. Matilda would love for you to use her for your decorating start to the upcoming season!

Matilda is $129.99 plus $10 Shipping in the continental US. SOLD!
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Wishing you a Merry Month of July - Debbie