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Primitive Farmhouse Santa

Down on the Farm, Santa is out for his morning walk with one of his favorite buddies—the little black faced sheep. This has become Santa’s morning routine. With the snow on the ground everything seems so peaceful, quiet, and beautiful. This is Santa’s way of preparing for another very busy day

Thank you for visiting my page here on the PfattMarketplace! I am excited to bring to you one of my cloth and clay Christmas pieces. I decided to go a little larger on a sculpting project and this Santa is the result.

He stands permanently on the snow painted base surrounded by wispy trees. His little buddy is my creation made mostly from wool. He has a little metal “peace” charm sewn to his collar. The wood base is about 12” long by about 5 ½” wide. The tallest tree stands about 13 ½” tall on the base. The trees are glued in place. The little black faced sheep is not permanently attached to the base.

The entire set is 12” long X 5½” wide X 14” tall.

Primitive Farmhouse Santa is $79.00 Plus $9.00 Shipping in the continental US. SOLD!
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Wishing you a peaceful October! ~ Debbie