"Sarah – Mixed Media Angel"

This lovely little lady is one of my newest mixed media creations. Measuring 13” inches tall with a wingspan of 7¼”, she has a body constructed of rustic osnaburg fabric and a head hand-sculpted of paperclay without the use of any molds.

Sarah has been lovingly hand-painted with acrylics paints and is sealed for protection. Extra special detail include sparkly, machine quilted wings, needle-sculpted fingers, tiny painted boots and a hand-stitched hem. An embroidery thread loop is attached to her back so that she may hang on a wall or she may sit with assistance in any nook or cranny that needs a little something special.

"Sarah" is signed and dated with a small certificate of authenticity attached.


Darling Sarah is $110.00 with $7.00 Shipping & Insurance to the Continental US SOLD!
For shipping elsewhere, please e-mail me at madcackler@gmail.com.


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