While little Ginger is sweet, she’s definitely not the kind of pumpkin
you’d go making pies out of!

Ginger is truly a mixed media creation made out of a variety of materials. Her head is made out of paperclay and wood, while her body is constructed of rustic osnaburg fabric. Acrylic paint brings Ginger’s many details to life and whimsical fabrics and hand-stitching add lots of character!

Made by hand and with love, Ginger is 13½” tall and is around 4½” wide at the waist. Her head, boots and gloves are sealed for durability and for ease of cleaning.

Ginger is signed on her body and dated. She also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Ginger is $110.00. Shipping for US Residents is $5.00. SOLD!

For shipping elsewhere, please e-mail me at madcackler@gmail.com.


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