Artist's Bio - Lisa Bivona of Pearl Avenue Studios

I am Lisa Bivona and I create at, Pearl Avenue Studios. The studio is a humble little room that once housed a bed, imagine it's the most beautiful mess one has ever seen.

I'm a wife, a MOM, a Honey (that's what my grandchildren call me. How lucky am I? Very!).

I am a self taught artist who just creates. I use several mediums in my art, oils, watercolor, pen and ink, and even crayolas. I started painting about 20 years ago, and recently I started sculpting, just to relax. I love it! I have little characters dancing in my head, screaming, create me! I used to co-own a brick and mortar shop, selling vintage junk and restyled pieces of the past. But when Halloween rolled around, I didn't have much to offer, so I bought some paper mache, and whipped up a few pumpkin candy containers to resemble the vintage style of the 20s and 30s. I had no idea what I was doing, but darn it, I was having a good time.

Closing the shop has lead to Pearl Avenue Studios, because I couldn't stop creating. In one form or another I will always create. I aspire to...well we all have grandiose ideas! One day I will achieve it.

 - Lisa Bovina