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"Persephone" – Springtime Goddess Wall Doll

Hi there, and thank you for popping in today. I hope you’re all safe, healthy, and doing well.

Persephone is a powerful Goddess for us to connect with as the Wheel of the Year turns to Spring. She is the Lady of Light who brings life and possibility back to the Earth and Goddess of the wild flora that grows. She rules innocence, beginnings, and rebirth.

I created Persephone from lightly stained osnaburg muslin. She is meant to be displayed on a wall and hangs by a sturdy threaded loop at the back. Her beautiful gown was created with stained and tattered cheesecloth with several layers of sky blue and ivory tulle peeking through.

Various silver charms depicting flora and fauna are handstitched throughout her tatters. Glittery stars and paper roses are glued here and there. A large purple paper rose is stitched to her hands. Her hair is wool roving stitched in place. Her sky blue wings are stitched in place as well.

Measurements: She's approximately 41" in length.

"Persephone" is a One-of-a-Kind original that comes signed and dated. It is intended for adult collectors and is not a child's toy.

"Price is $70 with free shipping within the United States.
To purchase, please email me at autumnscircus@gmail.com.
For international shipping info please e-mail me




"Willoughby" - Blue Moon Man with Star Wand

Willoughby was created from osnaburg muslin I blue-washed and accented with charcoal. He's been entirely sealed for longevity - the charcoal won't rub off when in contact with other surfaces.

This dreamy-dude has hand-stitched eyelids and hand-painted acrylic eyes and features and craters. He carries a magical Star Wand which is stitched to his hands. His arms and legs are covered in a "suit" of black flannel. Silvery, glittery stars and orbs are glued to his hat. His hat is permanently stitched to his head.

Measurements: In his seated position he's about 9" tall from the top of his tattered hat to the bottom of his backside. Including his legs, he's about 16" tall.

This One-of-a-Kind original comes signed and dated. Although they look huggable, my dolls are intended for adult collectors and are not to be considered children’s toys.

Price is $64 with free shipping within the United States.
For international shipping info please e-mail me at autumnscircus@gmail.com


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