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OoaK Folk Art HALLOWEEN Tattered Ghostie Witch Doll with Lantern

Yaaayy! Time to start gearing up for the most spooktacular of holidays!

Today I offer my first Ghostie of 2019. This pretty little ghost's body and head were created from osnaburg muslin I whitewashed and hand-painted. She hangs by a sturdy threaded loop at the back. She's covered in several layers of billowy ivory tulle and walnut crystal and coffee-stained cheesecloth. There are holes, rips, and tears all over to give her a “loved for a hundred years” appearance.

Her osnaburg witchy hat was heavily stained with walnut crystals and is securely stitched to her head. Silver charms, glittery stars and orbs, rusty stars and jingle bells, and other lovely nonsense are glued or stitched throughout her tatters. She carries a beautiful little lantern with a battery operated timer tea light within.

Before shipment, the entire doll will be sprayed with an optional fine coating of micro golden glitters to give her a magical, ethereal sparkle.

Meeasurements: She's about 52" long from the top of her head to the bottom of her tatters - the body and head alone are only about 7" long. Her face is about 4" across.

This "Ghostie Witch Doll" is a One-of-a-Kind original that comes signed and dated.

"Ghostie Witch Doll" is $65 and includes insured priority shipping within the U.S. SOLD!
To purchase, please email me at autumnscircus@gmail.com.
For international shipping info please e-mail me


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