Artist's Bio - Donna Focardi Pedini of "SingYourOwnSongs!"

Welcome to SingYourOwnSongs! I am a lifelong crafter that has more supplies than I will ever use. I have been making things since I was a little girl with my fabulous mom. She taught me to sew and paint, and I love to combine the two for many of my creations.

I've dabbled in many mediums, I also love stamping and paper crafts, making jewelry and mixed media art and I made artist teddy bears for many years. I like to do so many things that I have never been able to settle on one , and I am always coming up with new ideas that I want to try, so you never know what you are going to see in my offerings!

I am also the co-owner of Fancifuls Inc and Dragonfyre Distillery with my husband of 38 years, Vince, and we live and work out of the home we built with our own 2 hands from the foundation up. I love to make stuff, play in the garden and decorate my home. I don't like to cook, who has time for that?!
~Donna Focardi Pedini