I found this old wonderful coffee pot with a fantastic dark bronze patina and immediately thought Halloween and this is the design that I came up with. A charming witch-hatted jack o’lantern is seated wonderfully on an old coffee pot upon which two moons, clouds, bats and skyline are hand painted. The design is on both the front and the back of the coffee pot.

The pumpkin head is Styrofoam and then I sculpted the pumpkin shape using paper clay and then hand painted the head. This is a striking looking piece and is a one-of-a-kind design. This is, naturally, for decorative purposes only.

When packing this item, I actually packaged the hat, head and base separately to keep each component safe. It is easy to assemble – base, then pumpkin head and then hat on head! This will also ensure that the total piece can be kept safe for years to come.

Measurements: approximately 11” tall and 6” wide from spout to handle.

Price for HALLOWEEN JACK AND THE MOON is $44.95 plus
$15.00 Priority Shipping inside the USA.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me





I love to repurpose coffee pots (and a whole lot more)! This cute little coffee pot just needed to be re-made into an Autumn decoration. This is hand painted and one of my original designs. There is an angel on each side with oak leaves for wings and long flowing red/blonde curly hair.

The coffee pot was then decorated with a black and tan fabric handle, painted stars and the addition of some raffia. The top of the pot is decorated with oak leaves, an orange check border and HARVEST THYME painted on top. This is only for decorative purposes.

Measurements: 7¼” tall x 7¼” wide.

Price for HARVEST THYME COFFEE POT is $38.95 plus
$10.00 Priority Shipping in the USA
If you have any questions, please e-mail me





This is a hand painted and originally designed “official witch shoe” from the pointy upturned toe, to the buckle, to the sculpted heel as well as the upraised ankle shield. It has been loaded with wonderful Halloween designs, harvest moon on the top of the foot with black bat, candy corn on the strap, wonderful jack-o-lantern on the back of the shoe as well as tiny spiders on the sides of the heel.

There are stars, pumpkins, purple and citron check borders and plenty of bling throughout the shoe. This is sure to become a cherished Halloween decoration.This is for decorative purposes and what a decoration it is!

Measurements: 11½" long, 6" high and 3" wide.

Price for the WHICH WITCH HALLOWEEN SHOE is $39.95 plus
$10 Priority Shipping in the USA.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me




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