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Grilling season is here! Yay! Warm weather in some parts of the country is here and almost here in Minnesota. This piece is a solution to the dilemma of, ”Where can I put the eating utensils for the party?”. So much fun! Watermelons are such an important feature of these kinds of get togethers and here there is a watermelon-featured utensil holder. This is my design and naturally, hand painted by me. I chose to finish this piece with a high gloss finish to, well, make it shine! It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and should be dried thoroughly.

I love the contrast between the ultra matte and the silver/tarnished silver finish. This can be used as a pitcher but I would be careful and limit it to water; make sure you have dried it properly after each use; and do not subject the painted area to moisture. It has been sealed but care does need to be taken.

Measurements: Approximately 5½-inches tall, 10½-inches wide and 7¼-inches deep.

"PAINTED WATERMELON UTENSIL HOLDER" is an original, hand-painted, one-of-a-kind piece.

Price is $32.00 and shipping charge is $16.90 via Priority Mail within the USA only.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me





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I imagine that this is not really a double decker coffee pot but I love the thought of it! This piece had challenges but nothing big. Making sure the stems were straight from the bottom section all the way to the top was a little difficult but not hair-pulling difficult and I love the way it turned out!

I am so unashamedly partial to sunflowers (but you probably already knew this). I love the blue background up against the green of the sunflower leaves and stalks and the rich yellow of sunflower blossoms. There is a lot of detail work with all the teeny dip dots on the flower center. I also painted a checked border on the lid using the same green as the leaves/stalks and the rich yellow of the blossoms for the dots.

The handle/knob has been painted with a sun face (which I seem to be doing a lot lately). There is just something so special about a happy smiling face! The bottom of the pot has a preformed border and I made it a little more obvious by the highlight at the top and shade on the bottom. This would be such a cheery decorative touch to any room.

Measurements: Approximately 9-inches tall (to top of lid), 8-inches wide (spout to handle) and 5¼-inches in diameter.

This "DOUBLE DECKER PAINTED SUNFLOWER COFFEE POT" is a One-Of-A-Kind item designed hand-painted by me. It has been sealed with an ultra matte finish. Also Please keep in mind that this is a decorative piece and is not made to hold food or fluid.

Price is $38.00 plus $13.65 Shipping via Priority Mail within the USA only.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me





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When I saw this metal tray, I immediately envisioned combining blue hydrangeas with one word, DREAM. I love the way it all came together. As many know, I love blue hydrangeas and have lived in some places where they grow in abundance and are a sight to behold (Cape Cod being one of them).

These flowers have become one of my “go to” designs. I can see this piece being displayed in many areas, can’t you? This piece can also be used as a decorative tray. There is an attached wire for hanging and the tray has been lightly sealed to preserve it.

Measurements: Approximately 12½-inches long, 7¼-inches wide and 1½-inches deep.

This is a One-Of-A-Kind hand-painted piece, and designed by me!

"BLUE HYDRANGEA DREAM" is $30.00 plus $8.40 shipping via Priority Mail within the USA only.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me



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