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On a personal note, I hope this finds you and yours well. We are
all in this together and I will keep you in my thoughts.




If you would like more photos of this piece, please e-mail me.

All right, the start of a new year. I am ready and hope you are as well! Yes, this is another moon face coffee/tea pot. What can I say but I love working on these. I try to incorporate as many embellishments as I can and what I don’t have, I create.

I found this pot and loved the patina/tarnish on it. It seemed to really pick up surrounding blues and that fit what I was looking for. I pictured a wintry moon face and formed the head, painted the face and then decided I needed a crown. I found some wood skewers (new) and cut them down and painted them. I placed the pegs in a circle and tapped them in nice and snug.

Then using some glittery thread I wove it in and out of the pegs and ended in the back with a hand tied bow. I also had some cut out white snowflakes that I glued between the pegs. When this was done I needed to see some glitter on the Moon Queen’s head and I glittered away. My work space looked like a glitter bomb went off. I put her aside to dry and worked on the fluffy cloud collar out of some yarn I had in my stash and knitted a collar.

The painting of the pot ensued. I left the handle and spout bare metal. I painted the rest of the pot. The trees circle the pot and were glittered. In the front of the pot is a bare spot which I decided was a skating pond (to me it looked like ice). The ice has a double heart etched on the surface as well as a snow couple sharing a moment. More glitter was added around the pond just because I could not help myself.

I was happy with the way the pot turned out. To me, it bridges the gap between winter and Valentine’s Day (the double hearts) which I was looking for. I hope you like it too.

Measurements: Approximately 9-inches tall and 9½-inches wide spout to handle.

"WINTRY MOON QUEEN HAND PAINTED COFFEE POT" is a one-of-a-kind piece, designed
and hand-painted by me. Please note that this piece will come in 2-pieces primarily to keep the head and crown safe. All you will need to do is place the head on the teapot. This teapot is for decorative use only.

Price is $35.00 plus $16.90 shipping via Priority Mail within the USA only.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me